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Attention Contributors!

We are in the process of giving the Haunted Waters Press website a complete makeover. We are very excited about the upcoming changes. The new site will include an updated home for online fiction and poetry, regular news features, and a place to showcase our lovely contributors. That's where you come in! Our goal is to feature a sampling of contributors from each issue representing a variety of genres. Not all profiles will be published upon launch of the new site, but we hope to grow the showcase throughout the year. If you have been published by HWP and would like to be included on the site, please fill out the form below and include up to three photographs. Testimonials and reviews are optional and may be quoted on the website or in other publications. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Regarding photographs:  All images will be cropped square and reduced to a web friendly size. Keep in mind, we can make a large image smaller, but it is very difficult to make a small image larger. So try to avoid thumbnail images. Ideally, your photos will be at least 1000 pixels square. Professional headshots optional! No need to hire a photographer, but it would be great if your photos look like you did!  Have fun with it! But keep in mind, if you send us a photo of you and your cat eating potato chips on the couch, we'll probably ask you to send something else. Not that we're judging! Check out this article for tips and tricks for taking awesome author photographs:

Thank you!