Haunted Waters Press Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Haunted Waters Press. Please take a moment to review our guidelines.

Who may submit...
Authors must be 18 years of age or older to submit to Haunted Waters Press. You must also be the sole author of the work submitted and own the rights to the work.

What we are looking for...
We seek previously unpublished works unless otherwise stated in the call for submissions. We welcome both the profound and the quirky. We are open to most styles and genres of fiction including speculative, dark, experimental, and literary. We love flash fiction of any word count as long as it tells a complete story. We enjoy all forms of poetry including experimental, rhyming, free verse, and invented form. While we welcome deep, meaningful poetry, we also enjoy works that are witty, peculiar, or offbeat. Works of creative nonfiction should be real stories about real people, events, and ideas and should be eloquently written, thoughtful and compelling. As a general rule, we do not accept erotica. Profanity and violence, if used, must be integral to the story. When in doubt...read an issue!

Formatting your submission...
We prefer all submissions to be sent as Word documents in .docx format, however we will accept doc, txt, and rtf if necessary. Formatting should be clean and easy to read, i.e., double spaced, readable font, white pages/black type. Please format poetry as you would like it to appear upon publication. If you have questions or difficulties with the formatting or would like to request an alternate submission format please drop us note. We are happy to work with you. Please note:  Penny Fiction entries are not accepted via our online submission manager unless submitted via The Tip Jar. To ensure proper delivery, all other Penny Fiction entries should be submitted by email to: pennyfiction(at)hauntedwaterspress(dot)com. 

Almost there...
We accept multiple submissions but request that you have no more than four submissions pending. Your four submissions may be in any combination of prose, creative nonfiction or poetry. Multiple works of poetry, prose poetry, or flash fiction up to 1000 words should be submitted as a single submission/single document. Longer works of fiction should be submitted individually. Please, no simultaneous submissions. In your cover letter please include your contact information, the title of your piece, total word count or line count for poetry, and a brief three to four sentence author’s bio as you would like it to appear upon publication.

Please see individual listings.

And finally...The Tip Jar
From the Depths and the Penny Fiction Flash Fiction Competition are "for the love of the project" endeavors. In order to keep submissions free to our contributors and our digital editions free to read online, we are placing the tip jar on the counter. If you feel inclined to make a small donation, please consider submitting via "The Tip Jar." Your donation will be used for the care and feeding of From the Depths--a very hungry journal. Please see details below. 

Thank you. We look forward to reading your submission.

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